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Bins and Kerbie Boxes Explained

Kerbie Boxes

Please note: Collection times can vary during and after holiday periods, and may take place earlier or later than usual.
To ensure your bins and recycling boxes are collected please put them out by 7.30am and leave out until 8.00 pm.

Photograph of red and black kerbie recycling boxesBallymena and Carrickfergus provide this service for kerbside recycling.

Items which go into your boxes area as follows:

Red Kerbie

Glass Bottles and Jars
Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays 
Food and drinks cans

Black Kerbie

Newspapers and magazines
Junk mail
Catalogues and directories
Envelopes (no windows)
Paper (bag shredded)
Hand tools
Mixed textiles and clothes

Collection dates for Ballymena and Carrickfergus

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