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Recycling Bins and Boxes

Recycling Bins and Boxes

Girl recycling a bottle

You can find home recycling advice for the different bins and boxes below.

Did you know you can all have the kerbside bin/box collection info at your fingertips?

Download the Bin-ovation app and have quick access to what you can recycle, your bin collection calendar, and much more!

Soft plastics, plastic films, plastic bags and wrapping, flexible plastics – whatever you call them; can now be recycled at your local supermarket.

Unsure if you can recycle that item? Click on the Recycle Locator link and check out if it's recyclable, and whether it can be collected in your kerbside collection.

If it’s a no, it may be recyclable at your local Household Recycling Centre (HRC).

Just pop in your postcode and find out!

Residents are entitled to two 240L brown bins and two 240L blue bins (Larne area only) to manage their recycling collections.

Brown Bin

Blue Bin

Black Bin

Kerbie Boxes

Food Caddy