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With Kids’n’Castles you can travel between the real world and the virtual world whilst exploring two of Co.Antrim’s historic heritage sites: Carrickfergus’ Town Walls and Antrim Castle Gardens. 

The app allows families to harness the power (and appeal) of modern technology to turn a day out into a digital adventure as you unlock a whole new level of fun, collecting awards and completing puzzles along the way.

Helping you on your challenge are our late-Medieval tour guides: Cara, a maid from Carrickfergus and Andy, a stable boy from Antrim.

Get ready to discover the rich heritage of Carrickfergus's town walls and unlock the secrets of Antrim Castle Gardens

There are so many great reasons to get involved Download the app:

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It’s an activity for the whole family

Kids’n’Castles is designed to be accessible to children of 7+ however there’s nothing to stop younger children getting involved with a bit more help from the grownups.

The games encourage the whole family to join in and the quest to win awards should get everyone working together.

Of course, if your family has more than one iPhone there's nothing stopping you from splitting into teams and competing against each other!

It combines technology and nature

Our children are becoming increasingly tech savvy and digitally engaged. Kids'n'Castles combines digital fun coupled with the benefits of getting out and about in the great outdoors.

It should take at least an hour to complete the trail at each site - but you are sure to stay longer when you see everything the ancient town of Carrickfergus or beautiful Antrim Castle Gardens has to offer.

You'll have fun while exercising your body and your mind.

It’s packed with fun facts

Speaking of exercising the mind, the content and activities have been designed to tie in with many aspects of the National Curriculum for Key Stage Two; older children should also benefit from the reinforcement of material often covered in the early years of secondary school.

It's not just about facts either, the activities also support literacy, numeracy, and personal development.  

It encourages kids to explore their surroundings

Regardless of whether you are local or a visitor, it's easy to miss the wonderful things right under our noses.

Kids'n'Castles encourages you to hone your powers of observation and explore our heritage with new eyes.

In Antrim Castle Gardens, you'll look at leaves to identify trees or work out why one Lord Massereene always won his races.

In Carrickfergus you'll calculate the height of the bastion walls or use a compass to find ... well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

It’s FREE!

The app is completely free, with no hidden costs through in-app purchases—and even better, there's no admission charge for either site.

Save even more by bringing a picnic and making a day of it!

Download if now from either iTunes store for Apple OS devices or from the Google Play store for Android devices.

...your adventure awaits!

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Kids ‘n’ Castles has been produced by the Mid-Antrim Heritage Partnership comprising Antrim and Newtownabbey with Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

Carrickfergus Town Walls are in state ownership and are maintained by the Historic Environment Division, Department for Communities.

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