Photograph of the play park at Marine Gardens, Carrickfergus

Mid and East Antrim is a haven for young children and it’s packed with safe, secure play areas for them to unleash their energy.

Play is an essential part of every child's life and is vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. When children are asked about what they think is important in their lives, playing and friends is usually at the top of the list.

A range of measures aimed at minimising the risk of infection have been agreed and parents and children visiting play parks are asked to adhere to the following guidance:

Closed Play Parks

If the play park you wish to use has not yet been officially reopened, please do no attempt to use or access the equipment, and we will get the play park opened as soon as possible.

Secured equipment

In some cases, damaged or broken pieces of play equipment may have been secured to prevent use. If an item has been secured in this manner, do not attempt to remove the temporary barriers or use the equipment.

Social Distancing

When visiting a play park make sure you follow current government guidance on social distancing, encourage and support your children to do the same and keep a safe distance from others not in your household/social bubble.

Busy Play Parks

Play parks may be busier than usual. If the park you visit is busy, consider coming back at a later time and let your child know in advance that this may be a possibility to avoid disappointment.

Hand Washing

Wash your hands and your children’s hands before and after visiting the play park. Take hand sanitiser with you and ensure you and your child use it frequently whilst in the play park.

Waste Management

Make sure any disposable tissues, PPE equipment etc. are disposed of in the bins provided or if one is not available take it home for disposal.

Be Sensible

If you or anyone in your household are showing any Coronavirus symptoms, stay home and do not visit the play park.

'Out to Play' Pledge

Out to Play Pledge

The ‘Out to Play Pledge’ sets out our commitment to the children and young people of Mid and East Antrim Borough. The Pledge was developed in recognition of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (Article 31). Generally, it sets out what we will do for children and young people, how we intend to achieve this and it also recognises the importance of play internationally.

In our words, Council will ensure that play spaces and activities here in Mid and East Antrim Borough are planned in a way that ensures all children and young people, of all ages, can take part, learn, find new friends and have fun.

Click on the 'Out to Play' Pledge to view a larger version of the image.

Children's Right to Play

The right to play and informal recreation, for all children and young people up to 18 years of age, is enshrined in Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by the UK government in 1991. The government has a duty under this convention to protect and promote play opportunities for all children and young people.

Important Information

All Play Parks are open from Dawn to Dusk. The equipment in our Play Parks are suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years old only. All children should be closely supervised by an adult at all times.

For further information on any Play Park or if you wish to report any damage, abuse or incidents, please contact the Parks & Open Spaces Service on T: 0300 124 5000.

Our Play Park Locations


Dog faeces can pose a significant health risk to humans, particularly young children as their immune systems are not fully developed. Children are also more likely to come into contact with soil or sand that contains dog faeces whilst playing in parks, gardens and playgrounds. All faeces contain bacteria that can cause stomach upsets, but the greatest risk is from toxocariasis.

Toxocariasis is particularly hazardous to small children as it can result in blindness.

You might have heard of Toxocariasis, but do you know exactly what it is and how to prevent it?

Even if you don't have a pet, make sure you're aware of the risks.

For further information download our Toxocariasis Information Sheet.