Petroleum Licence

The Petroleum (Consolidation) Act (Northern Ireland) 1929, requires anyone with premises where petroleum is stored and dispensed by mechanical means for resale, to have a valid petroleum licence issued by Council.

Who needs a petroleum licence?

You must have a valid petroleum licence if you have premises where petroleum is stored and dispensed for resale, such as petrol stations. 


Licences are not required for any petrol kept for private use or for sale that is not more than 570 ml per container or totals less than 15 litres.

What types of licences are available?

You can apply for:

  • a new licence (or grant)
  • a renewal of an existing licence 
  • a transfer of an existing licence

If you're applying for a new licence, or want to renew an existing one, you must also tell us the maximum quantity of petrol you intend to store, as this determines the cost of your licence. There are three categories:

  • up to 2,500 litres
  • 2,500 and 50,000 litres
  • more than 50,000 litres

How much will a licence cost?

  • Fees will apply to licences depending upon the quantity of petroleum stored as follows:

Not exceeding 2,500 Litres

£42.00 for each year of licence

Exceeding 2,500 Litres, but not exceeding 50,000 Litres

£58.00 for each year of licence

Exceeding 50,000 Litres

£120.00 for each year of licence

Transfer of petroleum licence


Documents required

As part of the application process, you must supply us with a range of documents along with your application form.

  • Site plan showing location fuel tanks, pipelines, pumps and drainage layout
  • Electrical report of dispensing area/equipment carried out annually by contractor qualified to work on petrol stations.     
  • Firefighting equipment maintenance certificate      
  • Drainage interceptor cleaning certificate 
  • Risk assessment as required by Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (NI) 2003


If we refuse your application or impose terms, conditions or restrictions which you are not happy with, or if we revoke your licence, you have the right to appeal our decision.

You must appeal, in writing, to the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) within ten days of receiving our decision. We will send you a certificate outlining the reasons behind it.

Does tacit consent apply?

Tacit consent does not apply to petroleum licences. You should not store or dispense petroleum at your premises until a valid petroleum licence has been issued.

You should not consider your licence granted until you receive formal confirmation from us.

When we issue your licence, it is important that you, as the licensee, as well as everyone employed on your premises, comply with the conditions of the licence.

After your licence is granted

All petroleum licences are granted for a period of up to 12 months and are subject to standard conditions. Applications for renewals should be submitted at least one month before your licence is due to expire. 


If you do not comply with the conditions of the licence, you can be fined up to £100 for each day you do not comply.

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