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Carrickergus Town Centre circa 1900

The Education Pack and accompanying resources have been developed as part of the Carrickfergus Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) Education Programme.  All documents and resources can be downloaded for free and are aimed at enhancing awareness of the town’s history, from the Anglo-Norman knights of the 1170s to the Knight Ride of the 1990s.  How has the town changed and why?  This resource will be both useful for local schools as well as any school undertaking a visit to Carrickfergus Castle or Museum.

The THI would like to thank Carrickfergus Museum for their permission to reproduce images of their collections and their archive.

The ‘Medieval Carrickfergus’ unit works in conjunction with the Museum’s ‘Tale of a Medieval Town’ workshop, in addition to the Kids’n’Castle app, freely available to download from both the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. 

Similarly, the Victorian Unit can act as an introduction or a follow-up exercise to the ‘Meet the Weatherups’ workshop.

For more information on the workshops available please visit our Learning and Education page.


Medieval Carrickfergus

This section provides an introduction to one of the most excavated towns in Northern Ireland.  See how our medieval buildings used to look.

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Victorian Carrickfergus

Here we can look at Victorian Carrickfergus and how objects from the  museum can help identify the buildings.

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My Carrickfergus

How does your Carrickfergus compare to times gone by.

A chance to question your mum and dad on their favourite things about the town.

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Images and Videos

Extra resource images and videos to support learning.

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Carrickfergus Old Town Records 1600-1800

A valuable digital resource freely available to researchers.



Carrickfergus THI is delivered by Council with the oversight of Carrickfergus THI Project Board.  The scheme is running from 2016 to 2020 and aims to:

  • preserve and enhance buildings located within the  town’s Conservation Area, through targeted THI grant assistance

  • stimulate and support the wider economic regeneration of Carrickfergus by enhancing its distinctive historic character

  • raise awareness of the rich built and cultural heritage of Carrickfergus through a programme of training, education and events.

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