Recycling Bins and Boxes

Blue Bins (Larne only)

All bins/recycling containers to be presented by 7am for collection.

All bins are to have closed lids and no additional side waste will be collected except in exceptional circumstances (adverse weather, vehicle breakdown, road closures).

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If you require a new or replacement glass caddy, contact the Waste Helpdesk on 0300 124 500 (Option 0) or email:

From 1 November 2023, Council will deliver glass caddy inserts out directly to the householder.

This service is only provided for the residents of Larne Area.

Items which can go into the blue bin are as follows:

  • Aerosols e.g. air freshener, hairspray, shaving foam
  • Cartons e.g. juice carton, milk carton, food carton, liquid food carton
  • Cardboard e.g. toilet roll tubes, cereal boxes
  • Foil e.g. foil trays, kitchen foil
  • Food tins and drink cans e.g. biscuit tins, drinks cans, food tins, soup tins
  • Paper e.g. catalogues, envelopes, junk mail, phone books, newspapers
  • Plastic bottles e.g. drinks bottles, general plastic bottles, shampoo bottle, conditioner bottle, bleach bottles, margarine tubs, detergent bottles, yoghurt pots, face/body moisturiser bottles, hand and cream moisturiser

Glass caddy

  • Mixed glass, bottles & jars e.g. beer bottles, coffee jars, jam jars, sauce jars, glass makeup containers, perfume bottles, wine and spirit bottles
  • no pyrex

Please ensure all items for recycling are clean and don’t contain any food or drink residue.

Please flatten your cans, cartons, plastic and cardboard to save space in your blue bin.

Items which can't go into your blue bin include:

  • Plastic bags
  • Nappies
  • Any material which is not plastic

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