Bins and Recycling

Bins and Recycling

Photograph of a bin lorry

Please ensure you have your bin out for collection by 7.30am.

The below information relates to Waste Services which includes bins and kerbside box collections, Household Recycling Centres, Bring Centres, street cleansing and toilets.

If your bin collections did not happen visit our Service Disruption page.

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Bins and Recycling Boxes
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Bins and Recycling FAQs
Household Recycling Centres

General Waste Enquiries

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Bulky Lift request
Missed Bin Collection
Order new bin
Request help with your bin collection
Trade Waste - Request for Service
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You can report an incident to us through the following links:

Report street cleansing/ litter Issues
Report Noise/ Pollution/ Fly Tipping

We are a member of Arc21, the umbrella waste management group made up of the six councils in the east of Northern Ireland.

Arc21 works on behalf of its member councils to guide, support and help us meet our legal requirements and drive forward innovative waste management programmes including the development of modern infrastructure to tackle the 15 million black bins worth of non-recyclable waste produced by households in the Arc21 region every year.

For more information on Arc21 please visit the Arc21 website.