Vehicle Parking

Parking charges apply at various times throughout the year.

Daily Car Parking Rates

Peak Rate - £4.62 per vehicle per day

Peak rate is charged weekends and holidays.

Off peak - £1.15

Off peak is mid-week, winter and arrivals after 4pm.

There are two options available with regard to access and payment of car parking fees at Carnfunnock Country Park.

  1. Payment from your car

    Tap your payment card on the chip and pin reader on entry and again on exit.

    Please hold your card to the reader for approximately 4 seconds until the barrier lifts.
  2. Payment on foot

    Take a ticket on arrival at the entry barrier and pay for your parking either at the payment machine by card (beside the entrance to the visitor centre) or at the visitor centre (cash).

    Insert your paid ticket at the exit barrier.

Alternatively, you can take a ticket on arrival and pay for your stay on exit using contactless payment.

Just insert your parking ticket at the exit barrier and tap your card.

Car Parking Season Pass

Purchase of a car parking season pass entitles holders to free parking and is renewable annually.

Type of Pass Price
Full £26.25
Senior Citizen £21.00
Deposit (refundable at end of season £10.00

Please note that this pass does not entitle the holder to priority entry.

Car Park Season Pass Terms and conditions

  • Season pass prices shall be charged as per Carnfunnock Country Park price leaflet.
  • The season pass consists of a disc which must be displayed on the customer’s vehicle and is valid for one season — each season pass has a unique reference number.
  • Customers purchasing a season pass must provide details of their name, address and contact number(s) to the retailer.
    By purchasing, your contact details will be added to our computerised customer database.
  • Season passes are particular to the customer and cannot be sold, transferred or assigned.
  • Should the season pass not be displayed, daily ticket rates will apply.
  • A season pass does not entitle the customer to any particular parking space within the Car Parks or to priority over other customers.
    Customers will only be permitted access to the Car Parks when there are parking spaces available.
  • Customers must ensure that accessible parking spaces are kept clear for registered blue badge holders and must not park on double yellow lines within the Car Parks, unless requested by staff.
  • Entry to or use of the Car Parks is subject to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s terms and conditions.
    This information is exhibited and available on our website.
  • In the case of breach or infringement of the site terms and conditions, the season pass will be revoked.
  • If the pass is lost or damaged, a replacement pass can be issued for a set fee, subject to proof of identity and confirmation of purchase.
  • All persons using the car parks do so entirely at their own risk, and no liability will be accepted for Loss, Damage or Injury to persons or vehicles (including contents) however such loss, damage or injury may be caused.