Amphitheatre Wellness Centre

Urban Sports Park

Photography of someone on a BMX at the Amphitheatre Urban Skate Park

Carrickfergus Urban Sports Park, located at the Amphitheatre Wellness Centre, is only the second such park in Northern Ireland.

It is a purpose-built recreational environment made for skateboarding, BMX and inline skating.

Use of the park is free of charge and it is open Mon-Sun from 9am-10pm.

The facility includes the following equipment:

  • 1500mm high open bowl with 1950mm high extension and 1500mm high volcano pump mogul feature with inset curb and grindable top.
  • 1350mm high jump box section leading to 1800mm high quarter pipe.
  • 400mm high 120 flat bank with hand rail, column hubba ledge and quarter pipe.
  • 600mm high apex driveway/ hip.
  • 2300mm high quarter pipe.
  • 1350mm backless quarter pipe.
  • 750mm 180 pyramid driveway with rounded hubba ledge.
  • 300mm high circular pump bump.

General Background on Urban Sports

Over the past 30 years, urban wheeled sports has developed a strong following with increasing numbers of young people embracing the urban sports culture and lifestyle.

Skateboarding, BMX riding and inline skating has changed in many ways, with riders testing all types of urban terrains.

Unlike organised sports, such as hockey, rugby or football, urban sports have no set arena or rules and urban sports parks have no standard design template.

Each urban sports park is designed specifically to provide unique challenges to its users.

The modern urban sports park offers a wide variety of terrain in order to accommodate a broad diversity of skaters, BMXers and inline skaters.

It combines traditional features like bowls and half pipes with street skating elements like stairs and benches to create a comprehensive and flowing masterpiece where advanced skaters can feel challenged within the same space where beginning enthusiasts are developing their skills.

When properly designed and built, an urban sports park can become a dynamic community gathering space.

The space can serve action sports athletes who can safely exercise their passions, as well as observers who are intrigued by the skill and technique involved in such a creative art form.

Please note that we reserve the right to close areas of the centre from time to time at our discretion, e.g. for maintenance repairs, refurbishment or cleaning.

Amphitheatre Urban Sports Park Rules:

  • This Urban Sports Park is UNSUPERVISED. Use of the facility is at your own risk
  • The Urban Sports Park is open from 9am (Monday-Friday) until 10pm
    Weekend opening times will be 9am - 10pm
    Entering this facility after it is closed will be considered trespassing
  • The Amphitheatre Urban Sports Park is for skateboards, BMX Bikes, inline skate and scooters use only.
  • All participants must wear helmet and pads at all times
  • All participants must be 5 years of age or older. Children under the age of 10 need to be supervised by their parents or guardians at all times
  • Council will take all action necessary to maintain the highest safety standards ensuring that the Amphitheatre Urban Sports Park is safe for all its patrons
  • Know your limits and skate within them
  • All members must skate/bike safely at all times and try and avoid collisions with other skaters bikers
  • Always consider others, exercise common sense and common courtesy
    No profanity
  • Make sure your equipment is full and in good condition
    If you board or blades need attention, don’t hesitate in fixing the problem immediately
  • Fighting or aggressive / disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated
    Any such incidents should be reported immediately to the Amphitheatre Wellness Centre
  • Smoking will not be permitted when visiting the Urban Sports Facility
  • The use of alcohol and drugs will not be tolerated.
    Anyone suspected to be under the influence or in possession will be reported to the Amphitheatre Wellness Centre
  • No destruction or defacing of public property including graffiti
  • No amplified music
  • No standing, sitting or hanging out on the ramps
  • No waxing the rails
  • No littering, glass containers, food or beverages on the skating surface
  • No fires are permitted within the park
  • No modifications to any element or area within the skate park are allowed
    Mobile ramps or other skating structures of makeshift nature are prohibited
  • Do not use this facility when the surface is wet or during poor weather conditions