Local Development Plan 2030

Image of from the cover page of the Draft Plan Strategy

We have published our draft Plan Strategy, the first formal stage of the new Local Development Plan 2030, for public consultation.

Local Development Plan Independent Examination Procedures - Information Session

The Local Development Plan is primarily about delivering  sustainable development and improving the quality of life and wellbeing of communities in Mid and East Antrim.  It sets out a Spatial Growth Strategy underpinned by other strategic policies and proposals as a means of ensuring that development is high quality, meets local needs and is located in the appropriate places convenient to jobs and public services.

The Local Development Plan will also balance competing demands ensuring that new development respects our quality landscapes and our precious natural and historic environment, all of which expresses the unique identity of our Borough and underpins our growing tourism sector.  Through guiding future development and use of land in our towns, villages and rural areas, the Local Development Plan will provide certainty as, under the new Plan-led system, it will be the first thing to be taken into account by Council when taking planning decisions. The Local Development Plan is a powerful tool for place-shaping and will assist in the delivery of our Community Plan ‘Putting People First

How we got here

The  Plan Strategy is the first of two documents, which comprise the Local Development Plan.  Once adopted, it will be followed by the Local Policies Plan which will set out our detailed site-specific proposals such as land use zonings and local designations such as settlement limits and town centre boundaries. The Revised Local Development Plan Timetable is subject to annual review.

The draft Plan Strategy has been developed following extensive engagement with the public, stakeholders and our elected Members and follows on from the publication of our Preferred Options Paper in June 2017.  The key stages in this phase of the plan making process are shown below.






Preferred Options Paper (POP) issued with evidence base and consultation period Publish draft Plan Strategy for 4 week pre-consultation followed by 8 week consultation period Further 8 week period for counter representations Independent examination of Draft Plan Adoption of Plan strategy. Commence Local Policies Plan process.

The Draft Plan Strategy

The draft Plan Strategy sets out how our Borough will grow and change up to the year 2030. It puts forward our Plan vision and strategic objectives for the future. It also contains a Spatial Growth Strategy and supporting Strategic Spatial Proposals indicating where growth should be directed in the Borough. It also sets out a range of Strategic Subject Policies under five key themes shown below, which together will support the Spatial Growth Strategy and inform future planning decisions.


Sustainable Economic Growth

Building Sustainable Communities

Transportation, Infrastructure and Connectivity

Stewardship of our Built Environment and Creating Places

Safeguarding our Natural Environment


Copies of the draft Plan Strategy and supporting documents are available to view and download from links below:

Draft Plan Strategy

Consultation on the Draft Plan Strategy

The draft Plan Strategy was published for formal public consultation for a period of eight weeks beginning on Wednesday 16 October and closing at 5pm on Wednesday 11 December 2019.

A copy of the public notice published in the Belfast Gazette and local newspapers is provided for information below:

What Happens Now

The representations submitted in response to the public consultation on the draft Plan Strategy and Sustainability Appraisal can be accessed on this website (see below) and will also be available to inspection from the 31 January to 27 march 2020 at the following Council Offices:

  • Planning Office, County Hall, 182 Galgorm Road, Ballymena, BT42 1QF
  • The Braid, 1-29 Bridge Street, Ballymena, BT43 5EJ;
  • Carrickfergus Museum and Civic Centre, 11 Antrim Street, Carrickfergus, BT38 7DG;
  • Smiley Buildings, Victoria Road, Larne, BT40 1RU

General Data Protection Regulation

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have produced a specific Local Development Plan Privacy Notice, which lets you know how we manage any personal information we receive from you. It contains the standards you can expect when we ask for, or hold, your personal information and an explanation of our information management security policy.

A copy of our Local Development Plan Privacy Notice is available here. All representations received will be published on our website and made available at our Local Planning Office, County Hall, 182 Galgorm Road, Ballymena, for public inspection.

All representations  will be forwarded to the Department of Infrastructure in advance of Independent Examination.

Draft Plan Strategy:

Representations to the Draft Equality (Section 75) Screening Report / Draft Rural Needs Impact Assessment can be made by E: or by post;

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
Local Development Plan Team
Planning Office
County Hall
182 Galgorm Road
BT42 1QF

Accompanying Assessments & Technical Supplements

The Technical Supplements and the following Accompanying Assessments will be available to view and download from the 16 October 2019 for the commencement of the 8-week public consultation.


The draft Plan Strategy will be examined at Independent Examination in regard to its soundness. Accordingly, your responses should be based on soundness and directed at specific strategic policies or proposals that you consider to be unsound, along with your reasons.  The tests of soundness are set out below:

Procedural tests

  • P1. Has the plan been prepared in accordance with the Council’s timetable and the Statement of Community Involvement?
  • P2. Has the Council prepared its Preferred Options Paper and taken into account any representations made?
  • P3. Has the plan been subject to Sustainability Appraisal including Strategic Environmental Assessment?
  • P4. Did the Council comply with the regulations on the form and content of its plan and on the procedure for preparing the plan?

Consistency tests

  • C1. Did the Council take account of the Regional Development Strategy?
  • C2. Did the Council take account of its Community Plan?
  • C3. Did the Council take account of policy and guidance issued by the Department?

Coherence and effectiveness tests

  • CE1. The plan sets out a coherent strategy from which its policies and allocations logically flow and where cross boundary issues are relevant is it in conflict with the plans of neighbouring Councils.
  • CE2. The strategy, policies and allocations are realistic and appropriate having considered the relevant alternatives and are founded on a robust evidence base.
  • CE3. There are clear mechanisms for implementation and monitoring.
  • CE4. The plan is reasonably flexible to enable it to deal with changing circumstances.

Those wishing to make representations seeking to change the draft Plan Strategy should clearly state why they consider the document to be unsound having regard to the tests above.  It is very important that when you are submitting your representation that your response reflects the most appropriate soundness test(s) which you believe the draft Plan Strategy fails to meet.  There will be no further opportunity to submit information once the consultation period has closed unless the Examiner  requests it. 

Those who make a representation seeking to change the draft Plan Strategy should also state whether they wish to be heard orally. Unless people specifically request a hearing, the Examiner will proceed on the basis that you are content for your representations to be considered in written form only.

Further reading

You may find it useful to refer to the Department for Infrastructure’s ‘Development Plan Practice Note 06 - Soundness’ as well as the ‘Procedures for Independent Examination of Local Development Plans’, both are available on the Department for Infrastructure website's Development Plan Practice Notes page.

Furthermore, the Planning Appeals Commission have also produced guidance entitled ‘Procedures for Independent Examination of Local Development Plans’ are available on the Planning Appeals Commission website's Procedural Guides page.

Come and meet us

A number of public meetings and drop in sessions have been organised.  Drop in sessions will be staffed by members of the Development Plan Team who will be happy to answer any queries you may have in an informal setting regarding the draft Plan Strategy.  Public meetings will consist of a short presentation outlining the draft Plan Strategy followed by questions and answers. If you would like to attend one of the public meetings, we would ask you to kindly register your attendance by contacting us by post, email or telephone.

Public Meetings

Date Venue Time
25 September 2019 The Braid, Ballymena Town Hall
1-29 Bridge Street
BT43 5EJ

Session 1: 4pm - 5.30pm

Session 2: 7.30pm - 9pm

30 September 2019 Larne Town Hall
1-9 Upper Cross Street
BT40 1RZ

Session 1: 4pm - 5.30pm

Session 2: 7.30pm - 9pm

8 October 2019 Carrickfergus Town Hall
11 Antrim Street
BT38 7DG

Session 1: 4pm - 5.30pm

Session 2: 7.30pm - 9pm

Drop-In Sessions

Date Venue Time
16 October 2019 Portglenone Community Centre
Gortgole Road
BT44 8HT
6pm - 8.30pm
22 October 2019 Gobbins Visitor Centre
Middle Road
BT40 3SX

6pm - 8.30pm

24 October 2019 Glenlough Community Centre
60 Croft Road
BT44 0EX

6pm - 8.30pm

Call in Person

During the consultation period you can also speak to us in County Hall, Ballymena from 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Copies of the draft Plan Strategy and supporting documentation will also be available in hard copy for collection or to view during office hours from 9.30am – 4.30pm at the following Council offices:

Planning Department
County Hall
182 Galgorm Road
BT42 1QF

The Braid
1-29 Bridge Street
BT43 5EJ

Carrickfergus Museum and Civic Centre
11 Antrim Street
BT38 7DG

Smiley Buildings
Victoria Road
BT40 1RU


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