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Local Development Plan 2030

Housing Land Availability

Image of a construction site in its early stages.

The Mid and East Antrim Borough Housing Monitor Report 2018 has been prepared by the Development Plan Team using Housing Land Availability Monitor information.

The 2017 Housing Monitor Report is the second summary produced by us relating to the availability of land for housing development across the Borough and comprises tabular information extracted from the Housing Monitor Database.

The report contains the findings of the Annual Housing Monitor for the survey period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 and provides information on the methodology involved in undertaking the Housing Monitor. Sites with planning permission which has now expired and have not yet commenced will now not be physically monitored. Instead a desk based study using orthophotography and other available information will be used to assess these sites. These sites will still be retained within the Housing Monitor Database for information purposes but will not be included in any summary data tables.

To ensure that there is an adequate and continuous supply of available housing land within the Borough over the lifetime of the Local Development Plan it is essential to record the number of dwelling completions and the level of housing land supply remaining available within the settlements on a yearly basis.

The Housing Monitor Maps which spatially reflect the information shown in the summary tables contained within the report can be viewed online.

Housing Monitor Maps