Local Development Plan 2030

Local Development Plan (LDP) Timetable

What is the LDP Timetable?

The Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 requires our Council to publish a Plan Timetable to provide information about the main stages in the Local Development Plan process and the indicative timeframe that we are aiming for in meeting each stage and overall.

Through publication of the Plan Timetable, we are aiming to provide:

  • Information on the approximate timing of various key stages in the LDP process;
  • Information on the formal periods for public consultation on draft LDP documents, including the approximate timing of these consultations and the length of time that they will be operative;
  • Information on the approximate timing of the two Independent Examinations that will happen during the Plan process;
  • Information on the Sustainability Assessment process that will run in parallel with the LDP process.

As there are many factors that could cause the Timetable to change the timeframe set out is indicative in nature. Progress against the Timetable will be monitored annually and the Council will publish further revisions to the timetable should this be considered necessary.