Draft Plan Strategy Submission

Representations to the Draft Plan Strategy

DPS-201 Representations to the Draft Plan Strategy


Reference Respondent On behalf of
MEA-DPS-001 Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council   
MEA-DPS-002 Belfast City Council   
MEA-DPS-003 Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council   
MEA-DPS-004 Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust   
MEA-DPS-005 Co-Ownership Housing Association Limited  
MEA-DPS-006 DAERA-Natural Environment Division   
MEA-DPS-007 Individual  
MEA-DPS-009 DfE  
MEA-DPS-010 DfI  
MEA-DPS-011 DoJ  
MEA-DPS-012 Donaldson Planning Ballymena Development Consortium
MEA-DPS-013 Donaldson Planning Individual
MEA-DPS-014 Donaldson Planning Individual
MEA-DPS-015 Farrans Construction Ltd   
MEA-DPS-016 Ferguson Planning Individual
MEA-DPS-017 FP McCann   
MEA-DPS-018 Jobling Planning and Environment Ltd Individual
MEA-DPS-019 Jobling Planning and Environment Ltd Individual
MEA-DPS-020 Jobling Planning and Environment Ltd Individual
MEA-DPS-021 Glenarm Visitor Information Centre   
MEA-DPS-022 GM Design Associates Ltd Individual
MEA-DPS-023 Gravis Planning Conway Estates Ltd
MEA-DPS-024 Gravis Planning Conway Estates Ltd and Individual
MEA-DPS-025 Gravis Planning Individual
MEA-DPS-026 Gravis Planning EPUKI
MEA-DPS-027 Gravis Planning Individual
MEA-DPS-028 Gravis Planning Individual
MEA-DPS-029 Gravis Planning Individual
MEA-DPS-030 Gravis Planning Don Rimes Pension Fund
MEA-DPS-031 Individual   
MEA-DPS-032 Inaltus Alexander Property Holdings
MEA-DPS-033 Inaltus Bridge Park Development Ltd
MEA-DPS-034 Inaltus Galgorm Group
MEA-DPS-035 Inaltus Galgorm Properties
MEA-DPS-036 Inaltus Individual
MEA-DPS-037 Inaltus N.K. Holdings Ltd
MEA-DPS-038 Invest NI  
MEA-DPS-039 Irish Salt Mining & Exploration Co. Ltd   
MEA-DPS-040 James Stevenson Quarries Ltd  
MEA-DPS-041 Lightsource BP  
MEA-DPS-042 Individual   
MEA-DPS-043 MBA Planning CYM Properties
MEA-DPS-044 Individual   
MEA-DPS-045 Mid Ulster District Council   
MEA-DPS-046 Ministerial Advisory Group  
MEA-DPS-047 Individual   
MEA-DPS-049 Northern Ireland Housing Executive  
MEA-DPS-050 Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group   
MEA-DPS-051 Northern Ireland Water   
MEA-DPS-052 Northern Health and Social Care Trust  
MEA-DPS-053 O'Connor Kennedy Turtle Individual
MEA-DPS-054 O'Connor Kennedy Turtle Individual
MEA-DPS-055 Pragma Planning Carnlough Dev Ltd
MEA-DPS-056 Quarry Plan  
MEA-DPS-059 Scottish Power Renewables  
MEA-DPS-061 Individual   
MEA-DPS-062 TC Town Planning Individual 
MEA-DPS-063 Translink  
MEA-DPS-064 TSA Planning Individual 
MEA-DPS-065 TSA Planning Individual 
MEA-DPS-066 TSA Planning Lotus Homes
MEA-DPS-067 TSA Planning Rosemount Homes
MEA-DPS-068 TSA Planning Silverwood Business Park Ltd
MEA-DPS-069 Turley ABO Wind (NI) Ltd 
MEA-DPS-070 Turley Antrim Construction Company
MEA-DPS-071 Turley Clanmill Housing Group
MEA-DPS-072 Turley Clear Channel
MEA-DPS-073 Turley Hagan Homes
MEA-DPS-074 Turley Herron Bros
MEA-DPS-075 Turley Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Association
MEA-DPS-076 Turley RES
MEA-DPS-077 Turley Vaughan Homes
MEA-DPS-078 Wardell Armstrong LLP The Crown Estate
MEA-DPS-079 White Young Green Individual
MEA-DPS-080 DAERA-Natural Environment Division - SEA Team