At a special meeting of Council on Monday evening (12 February 2024), Elected Members agreed the district rate against the backdrop of unprecedented financial challenges faced by many local authorities, including Mid and East Antrim.

From April 2024, the domestic district rate will see increase by 9.78%, this will mean an average weekly increased charge of £1.39 (or £72.03 per year) for homes valued at £110,361. 

The non-domestic district rate will increase by 11.86%, meaning an average change of £18 per week per small retail unit or £51 per week for a hospitality premises.

The district rate pays for a wide range of services and facilities including:

Recycling Tourism Parks
Street Cleansing Sports Development Cemeteries
Leisure Centres Economic Development Environmental Health
Community Centres Registration Services Building Control
Community Events Policing and Community Safety Partnership Dog Control

How Rates are Calculated: (How to calculate your domestic rates bill)

Your Domestic Rates bill is made up of two elements: Regional and District Rates. Your rates bill is based on the capital value of your property.

The Regional Rate set by Central Government which accounts for approximately 50% of your bill and the District Rate which is set by us and accounts for the remaining 50% of your bill. 

The regional rates are struck by the Department of Finance and Personnel as a contribution towards services provided by the devolved Government Departments and is the same throughout Northern Ireland.

Further guidance on how your rates bill is calculated is available on the NIDirect website.

Revaluation of non-domestic rates

Land & Property Services (LPS) is revaluing all non-domestic properties in Northern Ireland for rates.

More information is available on the Department of Finance website.

For further information please contact:

Land and Property Services Rate Collection
T: 0300 200 7801