Arrival and Departure

Photograph of a lane at Carnfunnock

Your arrival is welcome from 1pm onwards.  On arrival all campers must check in at the Visitor Centre or with a Park warden and will be required to  confirm their onsite details and sign to comply with our site rules and regulations. 

Access to the site will not be permitted until payment has been received in full. Campers are requested to retain their booking form for inspection at any time.  Only persons and pets declared on the form will be accommodated. Except by prior arrangement, we will not have space if you arrive early. 


On payment of a refundable deposit (see price list) caravanners will receive a parking pass and a key fob for the vehicular entrance gate and amenity block. Campers will receive an amenity block keyfob along with an additional key for the campsite car park and a permit must also be attached to their tent. Special restrictions on arrival times may apply during events.

Entering and Exiting the Caravan Park

For your comfort and convenience the vehicle gate is electronically operated.  Drivers arriving at the main gate should present their key fob to the reader, which is mounted to the black post, located at the left hand side of the entrance roadway. The gates will then open.  (Please note:  Key fobs are supplied when registering with remote fobs available for customers that may have difficulty accessing the reader.)

Drivers must not proceed through the gate until it is fully open and has come to a complete stop.  On entering the park drivers must not stop until their vehicle and caravan are completely clear of the gate area.  When leaving the park the gates will automatically open as a vehicle approaches. As the gates are in excess of 3 metres long and open inwards drivers must ensure that they stop at a safe distance from the gate allowing it to open without obstruction. Again drivers must not proceed through the gate until it is open and has come to a complete stop.

As this is a shared entrance and exit gate, drivers must remain alert to possible oncoming traffic. Vehicles entering the park have priority over exiting vehicles.  Parents please note:  As these gates may open at any time, in the interest of safety, children must not be allowed to play in the gate area.

The Peak Campsite

A dedicated car park for campers cars is located adjacent to the tent area.  A key is supplied to padlock the car park gate closed at night.  Drivers must stop at the marked lines before proceeding through the gate or onto the entrance laneway and give way to pedestrians crossing the zebra crossing.  As access involves crossing a pedestrian path extra vigilance is required.

Late Arrivals

Campers intending arriving after 5.30pm must notify Visitor Centre staff when booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


All sites must be vacated by 12pm on the day of departure.  If you wish to depart later than this time please contact Visitor Centre staff to check whether a later departure can be arranged. This is normally not possible during bank holiday periods or from June to August.  At the end of your stay the keyfob, parking pass and permit (if applicable) must be returned to the Visitor Centre along with your original till receipt to obtain your deposit refund.  If any keys or passes are lost then the deposit is forfeited.

If you plan to leave the site early, before the Visitor Centre opens at 9.30am (July / August) / 10am (remainder of season), then please advise our staff the previous day so that alternative arrangements can be made.  No refunds will be given for early departures.  Please do not ask as a refusal may offend.