Mayor's Office

Contacting the Mayor

Invitations to the Mayor

In view of the Mayor’s busy schedule, it is vital that invitations are sent to their office well in advance of the date of the engagement, preferably in writing, with full background details.

Such as what the Mayor will be expected to do, and what other dignitaries have been invited, how long the event is intended to last and who will meet the Mayor on arrival.

The Mayor’s Office produces a form (Request for Attendance of Mayor) which aims to cover the above subjects.

A copy of this form can be obtained from the Mayor’s Office or can be downloaded.

Mayor’s Receptions

We provide civic recognition to citizens of the Borough on: achievements; special community service; special endeavours; special visitors are also recognised.

This is normally carried out through a Mayor’s Reception and presentation of a corporate gift.

To request a Mayors reception please contact the Mayor’s Office.

Mayors Gifts

100th Birthday
The Mayor will provide any resident of the Borough who is approaching their 100th Birthday and subsequent birthday thereafter with a special birthday card and gift. 

If you wish to apply on behalf of someone, please contact the Mayor’s Office.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary
The Mayor will provide any residents of the Borough who are approaching their 60th Wedding Anniversary with a special congratulatory card and a gift.

If you wish to apply on behalf of a couple, please contact the Mayor’s Office.

Congratulatory Messages from the Queen
You can get a congratulatory message from The King on special birthdays and certain wedding anniversaries.

The procedures for this application for Northern Ireland residents can be found on the NI Direct website.

Contact Information

The Mayor’s Office provides comprehensive, specialist administrative support services to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

All invitations to the Mayor and/or Deputy should be forwarded to the Mayor’s Office, and confirmed in writing.

You may also wish to contact the office for appropriate advice and guidance by any of the following means:

The Office of the Mayor
Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
1 – 29 Bridge Street
The Braid
BT43 5EJ

T: 028 2563 3398